Virtual Architectural Salvage

Kiscell Museum’s Architectural Salvage Project presents the photographic documentation and a brief history of several office and public buildings in Budapest. Many people are familiar with their exterior, but they rarely have a chance to see their interiors. There is also reason to worry that they might be demolished soon. The project is the brainchild of art historian Márta Branczik, head of Kiscell Museum’s Architectural Collection, and the on-site photographs are taken by Judit F. Szalatnyay, museum photographer at Kiscell Museum.

In 2021, the Virtual Architectural Salvage Project reached a new stage. In cooperation with the Hungarian exhibition project Othernity – Reconditioning our Modern Heritage at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale, 12 new buildings were added to the collection. At the same time, we plotted the buildings on the map, so the project data are now available on Google Maps. Click on the link below to discover the capital’s architectural heritage on the go:





Ady Endre Cultural Centre of Újpest

Fontana Department Store

Hungarian Chamber of

Commerce Headquarters




Downtown Telephone Centre