2012 – Buda–Pest Horizon

Buda–Pest Horizon. Panorama Photographs


State-of-the-art technology allows us to admire the panorama of a settlement from any chosen angle, but some 150 years ago, in the early phase of city photography, taking panorama photos required great professional expertise. From a point of elevation in the town, the photographer took several shots rotating the apparatus at an adequate degree each time and after development, pieced together the shots to create a „complete” townscape. The Photo collection of the Kiscell Museum preserves the largest number of panorama pictures of Pest-Buda and Budapest. The autumn 2012 exhibition offered for viewing the original vintage copies and also provided the pictures on the computer together with several of their details. The photos also have town historical importance as they help retrace the stages of the city’s development into a metropolis. The exhibition was curated by Zsuzsanna Demeter.