2015 – Doll Exhibition

Doll Exhibition


The 19th National Contest of Doll and Teddy Bear Makers’ held an exhibition in Kiscell between September 14th and October 18th 2015. The Hungarian Doll Society invited hand-made dolls and bears in 11 categories. Quite a number of porcelain, china and textile dolls were submitted, presenting among others the Hungarian gala dresses, costumes of the German minority living in Hungary, some famous literary characters, as well as celebrities. Besides the most beautiful pieces submitted and found worthy by the jury, Kiscell Museum put on display a selection of its own toy collection spanning 140 years. We presented peace time porcelain, wooden and papier-maché dolls, the classical plastic dolls of the Socialist era as well as toys characteristic of the consumer society, appearing in Hungary from the 1990s.