2017 – LAMP!

LAMP! A Design Icon in the Light of Contemporary Art


Kiscell Museum - Municipal Gallery proudly presents its temporary exhibition on view:

29 September 2017 – 25 February 2018



In the limelight there is an iconic lamp, the early masterwork of Wilhelm Wagenfeld, created in the metal workshop of the Weimar Bauhaus. Presented as a collaboration of the Maria and Walter Schnepel Cultural Foundation and the Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery, this 1924 lamp is reflected through the lenses of a bunch of prominent contemporary artists, the pop collage master Richard Hamilton, the emblematic fluxus artist Dieter Roth, the creator of the legendary snare-pictures series Daniel Spoerri and the playful conceptualist Aldo Mondino among them. Morover, we’ve invited five Hungarian artists – Miklós Batisz, Anna Farkas, Péter Forgács, Dániel Lakos and és Eszter Szabó – to participate with brand new lamp-rephrases for the occasion.



For widening the historical and local context we shall display some fifty of the never-seen watercolour lamp designs commissioned by the one time owner of our Kiscell building, furniture manufacturer Miksa Schmidt of Budapest and Vienna.  These series of sketches from the early 20th century while illustrating period tastes of decor, give prominence to the radicalism of the Wagenfeld lamp.


Curators: Anikó B. Nagy (Municipal Gallery), Ingo Claus




           Bauhaus Ball, 13 October 2017. Photo: Kondella Misi Photography