2017 – Miklós Szüts

Watercolours by Miklós Szüts in the Former Baroque Church


10 February – 10 March 2017



Miklós Szüts painted nothing but watercolours for the past seven years, quite small and quite large pieces. The exhibition focused on these latter ones. We re-installed his theatrical work Midsummer Night Forest, designed for the foyer of the National Theatre in 2009, and displayed his recent paintings created for the Baroque church area at Kiscell Museum. Watercolours are traces of a gesture with no delay, a technique and a fine balance of control and of letting things go. Its great masters are those, like Szüts, who enjoy impromptu creation and accept chance-likeness, in this case matters made worse by magnitude. The clear references and allusions to the romantic landscape genre do not unfold as a whole, but are presented as sharply intersected perspectives, dark horizons, obscure presentiments – the sentiment called the „glimpse of death” by Heinrich von Kleist.

Curated by Anikó B. Nagy