2016 – #moszkvater

#moszkvater. The History of Széll Kálmán tér


The exhibition displayed in Museum Kiscell between May 20 and October 2, 2016 presented the history, memories, past and present of the rearranged and renewed Széll Kálmán tér, previously called Moszkva tér. Thematic units told the story how the clay „pit” was turned into a sports ground and skating ring then into one of the most important transport hubs of the Buda side. We also came to know the architects of the widely known „fan” (the surface building of the Metro station) and the „mushroom” (a previous passenger lounge and restroom for transport workers). We could meet those who once used the square actively and also the famous people who lived in or around the square. This unit led the visitors into the memory cache section of the exhibition where we could once again meet under the clock – this time suspended into the church space of the museum – or, sitting in couches, listen to well-known and ordinary people recollecting their memories about the square. We could also peep into cultural and art projects of the past decades (videos, films, photos, pieces of visual art, fine art and literature). Visitors had a chance to add their own memories and experience about Moszkva tér – they could leave notes on the cards fixed to alarm clocks scattered in the church space. Curators of the exhibition: Ildikó Simonovics, Balázs Maczó.